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Benefits of Web Sites to Funeral Homes & Cemeteries

Marketing – Like your brochures, a web site can inform and notify potential families of your services, times and locations. However a web site has three big advantages over your brochures – it is interactive and it can be updated with very little expense and instantly unlike your printed brochures.

Customer Service – Your web site can better service your customers with 24/7 access, a concentration of information and easy communications with you and your staff. In fact, you can enhance your existing customer service by providing your families access to online guestbooks and tributes – unheard of services just a few short years ago. Your web site can also provide valuable assistance with grief, condolence, directions and more; without utilizing staff time.

Revenue Center – Something as simple as charging a nominal fee for online obituaries or as complex as selling caskets from your web site, there are many new revenue opportunities available to a proactive funeral home owner or manager. Over $3.4B of goods and services were purchased online in 2000. There are many casket stores, memorial stores, cemetery space re-sellers, etc. cropping up on the Internet. These are potential competitors to your business and their reach and efficiency will become an issue for brick and mortar death care providers. Your web site can help you compete with these competitors on their terms. It does not take much time or investment to be a proactive leader in your market now instead of a reactionary follower later.

Market Share – Your web site is a 24/7 exposure of your business. Your potential families will learn of your services first. They will see your commitment to informing them, providing for them, the quality of your facilities and staff, and your uniqueness in handling their loved ones. All of this before they walk in the door of your competitor. Is this an advantage? You bet it is! Present your business well and their is no reason to look anywhere else for service.

Can you accomplish all of this in any other marketing plan that you use? No. That's right. A well designed web site for your funeral home(s) or cemetery(s) can accomplish all of this and more. Contact us. We will answer your questions at no charge.

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